Georgina Wilson-Powell

Hello! I'm Georgina, founder of pebble, the stylish sustainable living magazine. Below you can see my work as a freelance journalist and on the tabs above my books, podcasts and other coverage. 

My first book Is It Really Green? Everyday Eco Dilemmas Answered is published by DK Books on 7 January 2020. 

How you can give up fast fashion

In today's sustainable news: UK shoppers are buying and selling more pre-owned fashion online now than five years ago, as ‘sustainable’ fashion becomes increasingly popular, eBay has found. According to new consumer spending data from the platform, UK shoppers spent £187million on over 20million pre-owned fashion items on the site in the 12 months to June 2019, a 15% increase compared with 2014, as circular economy values influence today’s mainstream shopping behaviours. The data also shows UK

Will the fast fashion business model ever become outdated?

With most retailers eager to leave 2020 behind them, many fast-fashion designers are in a better shape than they started the year. By definition, fast-fashion offers trendy clothes at affordable prices, which means it requires a highly responsive supply chain to support a constant change in offer. To allow such a quick turnaround, designers and suppliers are often accused of unethical practices when it comes to paying factory workers fairly or limiting the environmental impact “There’s a poin

The retailers who are turning Black Friday green

Green Friday 2020: How retailers are turning Black Friday green by donating profits to climate charities With Black Friday falling towards the end of a tough year for retailers, a number of businesses are hoping to use the annual savings event as a force for good Climate change, social purpose and corporate values are becoming more important in the mind of consumers. And with Black Friday falling towards the end of a tough year for retailers, a number of businesses are hoping to use the annual

Here's why I've chosen green living

Georgina Wilson-Powell had an epiphany aged 30 and now strives to live a more environmentally-friendly life I used to work as a travel and lifestyle writer for various publishers. I was flying about 30 times a year all over the world, staying in hotels with gold-plated taps and drinking from a mountain of plastic water bottles as I hopped from country to country. When I hit 30 I had a “what am I doing moment” and became more aware of environmental issues. I started to become interested in orga
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